Aruba, Thursday 16th April 2020 – Latest Developments COVID – 19

Prime Minister – Mrs. Evelyn Wever-Croes

This evening I would like to underline the fact that we are experiencing a crisis which has reached our island without precedent. A crisis that has caused insecurity and concern.

I hereby guarantee that our government is here to lend a hand to all who need this. The Department of Social Affairs is working together with other instances, to help those who require assistance. This by providing food packages to the families. No one should be suffering hunger, especially at this moment. As already has been said, we urge you to contact The Department of Social Affairs (, if you deem this necessary.

The government management is geared towards seeing to it, that no one goes hungry. Besides this, our government is working towards assisting those who have lost their jobs with financial aid, as they are also evaluating to subsidize businesses, who have lost income. This is mainly, so they can continue to pay, and so to keep these workers employed. This will limit the need for only those employees who need it, to apply for phased financial aid.

During this crisis, government aid is immediately available to those who meet the requirements.

The government is also preparing for the moment in which it will be possible to soften the measures taken and so to boost our economy.

There are several projects in the pipeline to help create employment, even if it is one of a different nature, nevertheless employment for those who have lost their jobs.

The council of the minister has already approved the structure of these plans. We will start immediately, incorporating the help of the private and the public sector, to design the new, stronger, resilient economic model for Aruba, which will offer better guarantee and security for employees.

For now, what we require is for you, the public to help us combat and fight this current crisis, demonstrating discipline, following instructions, listening to what is requested of us and executing this without questioning.

Because the reality is, that the police whose job is to maintain order; the fiscal who is not preventing you to leisure in your yard during the daytime, but requests for you to remain indoors during the nighttime; the medical field or system, who cannot be everywhere at the same moment; no one is to blame. Everybody has fallen victim to this crisis.

We have been confronted with this reality. This is something that we did not want. Two people who have passed away resulted in having the virus: One was already hospitalized for having the COVID-19 virus, but the other person passed away at home, not knowing that he was also infected. Once more we extend our condolences to the bereaved family, and we wish them strength during this difficult time.

If you still believe that this crisis will not ‘knock on your door’, please think twice. What has happened to these two families once more proves that this crisis discriminates neither in race, religion or sex? This crisis is all around us, waiting for us to catch it and so to take it home and infect our loved ones …

For this reason, we once more request for you to follow the instructions which are given. Stay indoors. If you do need to leave your home, do this swiftly and return as fast as possible. Use your intelligence and refrain from visiting crowded places. Doing this you can be saving not only your life, but also the lives of your loved ones.

Apply hygiene while at home: Wash your hands as frequently as possible, at least for 20 seconds; use hand sanitizer. This cannot be repeated enough. Practice discipline.

Only a country that demonstrates discipline will win this battle. We have the opportunity to re-write history. If you love yourself-, your family and your country, you will practice this discipline.

We wish you a good evening.


  • We are frequent visitors from Ohio and we are schedule to arrive July 7 thru 17th will Aruba open their borders by then.

    • Dear Mr. Demo,
      we are not sure when the border will be open again. It’s extremely difficult at this moment to pin point a date.

  • I am hoping that Aruba will be welcoming us in October?

  • hope to be there soon !!!

  • My family and I are scheduled to come in September We are all praying for our HAPPY ISLAND Pray we will all be safe and healthy until this is nasty nightmare is over🙏

  • Hope Aruba wins this battle! Stay healthy & be safe everyone!

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