Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) is working with partners to introduce a hygiene and sanitation program

Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.)

Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) is working with partners to introduce a hygiene and sanitation program

The Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.)  has started working on different aspects regarding the so-called ‘New Normal’. Not only Aruba but the world is developing different programs and protocols, as they prepare for re-opening of the borders. An exact date is not known because it is tied to several factors. A commission has been formed, to create a system based on protocol and standards to which different sectors must adhere. The system should be ready by June 2020, which is when the borders are expected to re-open. Of course, there is the possibility that this date could change. The Department of Public Health (DVG), as well as the Ministry of Health, is reviewing the formulation of the system to ensure that it meets the requirements of the government.

The protocol and standards system will be based on hygienic and sanitary cleanliness. This system will make Aruba become a destination where visitors can feel safe. The system will enhance Aruba’s hygiene and sanitary appearance, by following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) through our daily life. As part of the ‘New Normal’, visitors will choose their destination based on their demand for a country that was well prepared. The system will comply with the protocol and will be given a Seal for Hygiene and Cleanliness. This seal will provide the necessary confidence and security that each of us is looking for in this moment of uncertainty. It will form an important part of Aruba’s international communication strategy.

The ‘Aruba Quality Seal’ was launched by the Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) in January 2020. As the COVID-19 manifested, the decision was made to re-direct the focus primarily towards hygiene and sanitation. Together with a local company, known for its auditing expertise, a program was prepared to focus on quality, customer service, general security, and gastronomy.

The Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) has always focused on the collaboration utilizing this commission. This aspect is very important to create and execute this program.  Creating this system together with relevant partners will provide an opportunity to create a comprehensive and holistic system that is based on complete information and concrete work. The committee consists of key partners like the Ministry of Health, the Department of Public Health, and a tourism partnership with AHATA, AFBA, ATIA as those responsible for our ‘Ports of Entry’, which are the DCA, AAA, and APA.

Different ‘check-lists’ and standards are being developed and will be reviewed during these days to, begin with awareness and subsequently implementation of the program. Areas on which will focus are A. Accommodation; B. Food & Beverage; C. Commerce, mainly retail D. Activity Suppliers as also E. Taxi and transportation.

The Community of Aruba will be hearing more about this seal in the coming weeks. The collaboration of everyone will be essential for the success of re-opening and of the program.

  • Wonderful idea. I’m so glad Aruva is being so responsible. I guess that one more reason to love Aruba

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