Aruba Proud to introduce Protected Treasures

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The Minister of Territorial Development, Infrastructure and Environment Marisol Lopez – Tromp, after a long process of a few years signed just recently the decree of protection for 16 local nature reserves.
While the parliament ratified it as far as 2013, with unanimous approval, it took a while to make the plan a reality. Sixteen areas were identified and recognize for their environmental importance, thanks to the tireless lobbying of the Aruba Birdlife Conservation, foundation, ABC, which proposed the protection to parliament. Minister Lopez – Tromp was a parliamentarian back then, and she gave her full support to the motion.
The decree was signed in December 2019, by former Minister Otmar Oduber, and the current Minister of Justice Andin Bikker, then it started the process of implementation in the different government departments, who were asked to lend their input.
The following areas are now protected:

  1. California Dunes
  2. Saliña Tierra del Sol
  3. Saliña Malmok / Saliña Serka
  4. Saliña Palm Beach/Plas The Mill Resort
  5. Bubali Plas
  6. Sero Teishi
  7. Ramsar area: Spanish Lagoen and Mangel Halto
  8. Rooi Bringamosa
  9. Rooi Taki
  10. Rooi Lamoonchi
  11. Reef islands Oranjestad
  12. Mangrove growing areas: (Cay, Parkietenbos, Isla di Oro / Mangel Halto, Commandeurbaai)
  13. Rooi Lamoenchi
  14. Saliña Savaneta
  15. Reef San Nicolas, on the east point
  16. The strip eastside from Seroe Colorado’s Baby Beach, to Boca Grandi.

This is a very important step in the direction of commitment to environmental protection, the move was received with great enthusiasm and relief.

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