Aruba did not “Flatten the Curve” but “Crashed the Curve” of COVID-19!

Evelyn Wever-Croes, Minister President

The Government of Aruba took quick measures in regards to the COVID-19 crisis, which turned out to be successful in overcoming the first COVID-19 crisis wave. The lockdown, curfew hours and shelter in place helped in saving many lives.

For the government of Aruba the well being of it’s people is in FIRST place and in all the fundamental rights in our Constitution, this is the highest. The death rate in the places that did not take appropriate measures in time is very high.

One of the measures that helped a lot in saving lives and is still ongoing is the curfew hours. The stipulated time has been changed more than once and will continue to change as we move into the final phase. Slowly but surely this will eventually be eliminated. Let’s continue to adhere to all the rules and regulations in order to avoid a second wave.

The graph is a presentation of dr. Wicha Ponson-Wever 18-5-2020

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