Aruba Five Star Quality Rating

Aruba Tourist Channel

Aruba Tourist Channel together with the Aruba Travel Guide proudly launches the “Aruba Five Star Quality Rating Program”.

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has raised the standard of hygiene across the globe. The Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) the Ministry of Health and D.V.G. (D.V.G.) has launched the “Aruba Health & Happiness Code” as a way to ensure visitors that the island will adhere to the highest quality of health and safety standards and protocols.

The A.T.A. along with the D.V.G. has mandated that all businesses must obtain this designation in order to open their establishments to the visitors of Aruba. This seal is a collective effort on the part of the tourism board and the local businesses to provide a safe and healthy environment.

Both the A.T.A. and D.V.G. agree that the “Aruba Health & Happiness Code” will be implemented in two phases. The first phase will focus on the registration, completion, and implementation of the checklist administered by the D.V.G. These checkpoints emphasize existing health and safety protocols which have been modified to include measures for social distancing as well as specific instructions on hygiene procedures for their employees. Checklists are specific to each respective sector. Phase two will consist of an audit conducted by the Public Health Department. Upon the completion of a successful audit, the business will receive a final golden seal.

“Aruba’s Five Star Quality Rating” is exclusive to businesses who work with the Aruba Tourist Channel. The rating focuses on a series of categories specific to that business. All businesses must have the official seal of the government and a COVID-19 Safety Protocol in place to start. Once the Aruba Tourist Channel conducts their inspection, the business will be granted the Aruba Tourist Channel’s rating which provides that business with a recommendation to visitors of the island of Aruba. The Aruba Travel Guide will create a list of all the businesses that comply with the Aruba Five Star Quality Program.

We are very proud to announce this five star rating program as a means to provide our visitors with the ability to identify those businesses who have been designated the “Aruba Tourist Channel Five Star Quality Rating” which adds an extra peace of mind when they visit our “One Happy Island” during this transitional period.

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