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The Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) released the official domain containing all information relevant to the COVID-19 insurance required of its visitors. Over the past few weeks, many potential visitors expressed their interest in obtaining specific documentation as to what is required of them in order to visit the island.

Some question why this additional insurance is necessary; the precise reason why this post is a necessity.  The Aruba Tourist Channel prides itself on providing visitors with up to date information. The daily insurance rate for visitors ages 15-75 is $15 per day for 0-7 days and $10 per day for 8 to 14 days and then the rate decreases from there (see slides). Visitors who exceed the age of 75 begin their premium at $21 per day. The coverage includes test costs, isolation costs, and medical expenses in the event of a positive test result for the virus for themselves or any member of their party. While the island of Aruba is looking to protect its guests, it must create a means to cover its hospital and medical costs as well.

The Aruba Visitor’s Insurance covers “eligible foreign nationals from pre-approved regions or countries who are required to have a comprehensive COVID-19 coverage that meets the government’s minimum requirements.” The island of Aruba (ATA) looks out for the well being of the island including the people who live there and those people who visit the island.  Please read and share this information so that others may be informed. (Website hyperlinked below)

Aruba COVID Insurance

Written by Chrissy Gates


  • Is there reimbursement for visitors who arrive with paperwork claiming negative Covid test results within the past 72 hours and are virus free for the length of their stay or are we providing a treasure chest ($$$$) for the Island to cover Possible Covid expenses. ?! We’ve been vacationing in Aruba every year since our Honeymoon in 1996.

  • I realize how stressful the last few months have been and I have been praying for this horrible “virus” to go away. I have been coming to Aruba for many. many years and this Year, God willing, I will be in my timeshare at Paradise Beach Villas. I am blessed with 4 weeks in Aruba.
    I support Aruba 100% and I want Aruba to be Safe and Healthy. I think the insurance policy is very unfair. If you implement this policy at $21 a day it will cost me at least $588. I am not sure I read all the charges. I have 3 insurances in the USA. I have checked and ,God forbid, anything happens while I am in Aruba I AM COVERED.
    Please please reconsider and adjust this policy and make it more affordable to the People who love Aruba so much.
    Thank You, Connie Barnes


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