Andy Osborne is retiring from ATSA

PALM BEACH – The retirement of hotelier Andy Osborne was announced recently at the Aruba Timeshare Association (ATSA) meeting, which took place at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Tourism & Public Health, members of Aruba Timeshare Association, and also Minister of Integrity, Nature, Transport, and Elderly Care Ursell M. Trends conjunctly with Minister of Teaching & Sport Endy Croes.

ATSA President, Luigi Herendia, Costa Linda Beach Resort, expressed gratitude for providing services in the name of the association and together with Sulaika Kelly, Playa Linda Beach Resort, presented Andy with a beautiful painting, with the typical view of Aruba, painted by artist Elvis Tromp.

Andy came from Barbados and has been living in Aruba since 1992, working tirelessly in the tourist sector in various functions. His career brought him from Aruba Caribbean Hotel to Sun Development where he managed Casa Del Mar and Aruba Beach Club, then to Mill Resort, Palma Real, and during the last few years at Paradise Beach Villas, shoulder to shoulder with Freddy Albertus.

Andy was the first Aruba Timeshare Association president, at the time of its formation.

In their own words, the timeshare resorts felt like they were contributing to the hotel association at the time, in 1997, but there wasn’t a voice when it came to making big decisions. The ‘taxation without representation’ brought the timeshare resorts to form their association, separated by the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association(AHATA), and while ATSA is less vocal than its bigger sibling AHATA, it is very active in the community and works in close collaboration with the University of Aruba and Aruba Tourism Authority.

Andy, an excellent public speaker, let everyone enjoy the stories from the past times of ATSA together with hotel colleagues Jan van Nes and Lee Di Giovanni, and various projects which the association directed from the adoption of EPB, for Adopt and Addict, and also various other beautification projects, including Aruba Product Enhancement Fund, responsible for road and beachside cleanups, and also the Security Foundation.

Andy announced his retirement from formal work, but not from fun. It was an absolute pleasure to serve the association, he said, but from henceforth he will direct his attention to a few community projects related to our elderly.

Members of ATSA offered Andy a lifetime membership with the association: ‘you can lunch with us in any meeting’, they said, ‘thank you for the diligence, we have enough to sustain you!’. 

ATSA’s 15 member resorts promise to keep making Aruba one of the top popular Caribbean destinations. These are: Amsterdam Manor; Aruba Beach Club Resort; Caribbean Palm Village Resort; Casa Del Mar Beach Resort; Costa Linda Beach Resort; Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort; Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort; Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort; Eagle Aruba Resort & Casino; La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino; La Quinta Beach Resort; Marriott Aruba Ocean Club, Marriott Aruba Surf Club; Paradise Beach Villas; and Playa Linda Beach Resort.

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