Strengthening Ties: Holland House in Colombia and the Government of Aruba

The Ministry of Economic Affairs of Aruba has established an agreement with Holland House in Colombia, a notable Bilateral Chamber of Commerce, to foster economic growth. This move will assist Aruban companies in their business dealings with Colombian firms, expanding Aruba's commercial network and reducing the cost of living for its residents.

ORANJESTAD – In a significant move to enhance economic relations between Aruba and Colombia, the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Aruba has announced a new agreement with the Holland House in Colombia.

The Holland House, a prominent Bilateral Chamber of Commerce, plays a crucial role in the Colombian economy. It has been instrumental in assisting Dutch companies in establishing and conducting business with Colombian counterparts. Its knowledge and experience of the Colombian market make it an invaluable bridge between Dutch and Colombian enterprises.

This new agreement promises to bring about a revolution in Aruba’s commercial sphere by enabling Aruban companies to receive the necessary support and cooperation required to conduct business with Colombian firms. This agreement has been designed to significantly contribute to the economy of Aruba and expand its commercial network.

Given Aruba’s strategic position in the Caribbean, between the USA and Latin America, it becomes essential to explore commercial opportunities to benefit the island’s companies and consumers. The small island nation largely depends on importing most products. Thus, intensifying economic relations with countries in the region could significantly impact the economy.

In a statement, Geoffrey Wever, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Communications and Sustainable Development, emphasized the importance of this agreement. He stated that the cooperation with Holland House Colombia is a crucial instrument in facilitating businesses and investments between Aruba and Colombia. It is part of the economic policy for growing companies in Aruba and providing consumers with more access to products at favorable prices. Ultimately, this move is expected to reduce the cost of living in Aruba.

The agreement signifies the importance Aruba places on its relationship with Colombia, a country in close proximity and with a potential for conducting various types of businesses. By leveraging this partnership, Aruba hopes to expand its economic horizons and solidify its position as a commercial hub in the Caribbean.

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