Carnival 2024

Aruba’s 70th Carnival: A Dazzling Festival of Lights, Music, and Culture from January to February 2024

Aruba is set to celebrate its 70th Carnival in 2024, promising an extravaganza that will surpass all previous festivities. The Carnival, a vibrant part of Aruban culture, will commence on January 6, 2024, and culminate on February 12, 2024.

It traditionally begins with the “Torch Parade,” where participants light up the streets with torches, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness. The Grand Parade, scheduled for February 24, 2024, is a highlight, with the streets of Oranjestad transforming into a kaleidoscope of colors as floats, costumed groups, and revelers dance to the rhythms of traditional and modern music​​. The Carnival features unique musical genres like “Tumba,” a blend of African and Dutch Antillean music, and Aruban Asambeho, a mix of salsa, marching bands, and calypso music, creating a rhythmic beat perfect for dancing in the parades. Tumba music contests and the popular Calypso and Soca Monarchy are some of the key musical events. The Road March Contest is another significant competition, selecting original music for the carnival theme​​.

The Carnival season officially starts in November, with the majority of events, celebrations, and parades held in January and February, culminating with the Burning of King Momo, marking the end of the Carnival Season​​. The Grand Parades in San Nicolas and Oranjestad are the biggest celebration parties, featuring around 10 to 15 carnival groups, each with its own theme reflected in floats and costumes​​. For those attending the Carnival, it’s advised to arrive early to grab a spot along the parade route or join a “kavel” – a designated spot usually under a tent with a built platform, including amenities like music, live DJs, food, drinks, and portable bathrooms. Essential items for spectators include a drink tumbler, backpack cooler, fold-up chair, big hat, sunglasses, and reef-friendly sunblock​​.

The Aruba Tourist Channel and The Advisor newspaper will be providing extensive coverage of this vibrant event, including live broadcasts of the parades. Stay tuned to these channels for the latest updates and detailed coverage of the Aruba Carnival 70, a not-to-be-missed cultural spectacle that showcases the island’s rich heritage and vibrant community spirit.

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