Project Baby Beach is making progress

Oranjestad – The results can already be seen at the beaches in Seroe Colorado. The Minister of Health and Tourism says that work on Baby Beach is progressing. This is part of the plan for the area developments in Seroe Colorado. In this project, the entire environment will be beautified and at the same time our nature will also be protected. This will further develop the environment and make it more beautiful, sustainably.

Illustrations may show progress in Phase 2 of Baby Beach’s project. In this phase, an entirely new parking space, new lighting and a new roundabout will be built. Public toilets will be available for all visitors, two kiosks will be built where food and drinks can be sold. The intention is that these kiosks represent the Aruban culture and sell typical Aruban food.

In the short term, within the first quarter of 2023, the government will start the public tender to start Phase 3 of the project. In this phase, two tennis courts will be repaired, and a court will be built for beach tennis, beach volley and beach football. These are all parts of the plan. The gazebo in the middle between the two tennis courts will become a restaurant, and the staircase next to it will also be restored with mosaic art. The turtle wall is moved back a bit to add extra white sand and thus make the beach larger.

Tourism plays an important role in our economy, and therefore its development remains a priority. San Nicolas will also participate in this beautiful project in the short term. The minister wants to continue to invest in projects that continue to increase the value of the Aruba product.

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