Liliana Rasmijn: A Symbol of Strength and Integrity Celebrates 25 Years in the Aruba Police Force

The Aruba Police Force celebrates a milestone anniversary for one of its most dedicated and recognizable members, Deputy Spokeswoman Liliana Rasmijn. Liliana has served the police force and the people of Aruba for 25 years, a period marked by steadfast commitment to service, integrity, and security.

9 years ago, Liliana, a shy and private person, could never have imagined herself as a presenter in front of large audiences or appearing in the media. However, life has a way of surprising us, and for Liliana, it was a twist of fate that saw her overcoming her shyness and holding the position of deputy spokeswoman of the Aruba Police Force, the first woman on the island to hold that position.

Liliana, like her peers, trained at the Watty Vos school, where aspiring police officers may complete their training in four to six years. This vigorous training prepares them to work in different departments such as K9, patrolling, forensic science, and even teaching. Liliana, however, decided to specialize in investigative research, where she worked for over ten years.

On January 15, 2014, she was appointed as understudy and right-hand woman for Lito Lacle. Today, she has become the face of the police force before the public, swapping offices and quietness for television cameras, journalists, and more. This shift was not easy for Liliana, who was used to a private life. But now, she’s a well-recognized figure, greeted warmly by the public wherever she goes.

As she celebrates her 25th year in service, we reflect on the challenges she has overcome and her dedication to maintaining a balance between her demanding job, which requires 24/7 availability, and taking care of her two teenage children. Her journey shows us that she is “capable of doing everything and living in a world full of surprises,” just like the police force, which she describes as young, innovative, and constantly improving.

Part of her mission, and that of the Aruba Police Force, is to ensure the safety and comfort of the island’s visitors, as it is a highly touristic site. They want tourists to know that they are there to help with any issues and strive to maintain Aruba’s reputation as “One Happy Island”.

Liliana Rasmijn’s 25th anniversary is a momentous occasion, not just for her, but for the entire Aruba Police Force and the people of Aruba. Her journey serves as an inspiration to many and is a testament to her resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to serving her community.

Aruba Tourist Channel