Aruba’s Tourism Soars: Strong Demand Boosts Passenger Numbers and Revenues

Minister Dangui Oduber of Tourism and Public Health is pleased with recent statistics from the Aruba Airport Authority (AAA). Passenger numbers have grown by 113% from August 2022 to August 2023, with an additional 107,000 passengers. Compared to 2019, there is a 104% recovery in passenger traffic. The American market is the largest, and there is a strong demand for Aruba as a destination. AAA predicts continued revenue growth in the coming years.

ORANJESTAD – Minister of Tourism and Public Health, Mr. Dangui Oduber, is very pleased with the recent figures from the Aruba Airport Authority (AAA). The AAA recently published its figures for the month of August. The report shows that passenger traffic has seen a growth of 113% from August 2022 to August 2023, equivalent to an additional 107,000 passengers.

The AAA report also noted a 104% recovery in passenger traffic compared to the year 2019. This is certainly impressive, according to the minister. Our largest market remains the American market, with 73% of the traffic coming from North and South America. The numbers indicate a strong demand for Aruba as a destination.Minister Oduber announced that AAA predicts they will see a 7% growth in revenue by the end of 2023 compared to 2019, and 12.5% more than in 2022. According to AAA’s forecasts, there will be an 11% growth in revenue in 2024 compared to 2019.Aruba’s tourism is currently experiencing its peak, as all indicators show.

The government continues to invest in improving the Aruban product to keep Aruba competitive with other islands in our region. Tourism remains the primary driver of our economy.

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