Loving Family Seeks Flight Companion for Rescued Pup from @Luna Foundation to Chicago

A heartfelt letter has been shared within a community group by a family who recently took a trip to the @Luna Foundation, falling head over heels for a sweet abandoned puppy. The family has already initiated the adoption process to bring the furry friend back to the U.S., but a short notice prevented them from flying back together due to vaccination protocols.

The pup, affectionately named Ruba, is now ready to fly home and is eagerly awaiting a kind-hearted individual to accompany her on her flight to Chicago. The family is reaching out to anyone who might be traveling to Midway, O’Hare, or Indianapolis within the next two weeks, extending the invitation even for travels as soon as tomorrow.

Expressing their earnest desire to reunite with Ruba, they are calling on anyone willing and able to help, to contact them directly, labeling such aid as an “angelic” gesture. The family is keen on ensuring a safe and smooth journey for Ruba as she makes her way to her loving forever home.

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