Dear Aruba’s families and visitors,

As we know Aruba and the world is going through some difficult time at the moment. We wanted to establish a new delivery service with our Travel Guide for our visitors and locals on the island. We will launch the delivery platform for both markets, locals and visitors. We know as well the borders will not remain closed for too long. As soon as visitors start coming back to Aruba, we will confront the fact of people being careful. And a delivery service will maintain its course for more than expected.

In conversation with the department of health and the police force of Aruba we have come to the following plan;
To reduce the pressure of people getting out the house to get food a delivery service will be perfectly in place on a large scale.
We have 20 cars and over 40 drivers in place to start this platform this weekend.

By the department of economics we have placed a priority on the basic basket to make them ready to deliver.

The work flow and protocol will be that we will have one or two people in the supermarket waiting for the orders to take place, following all the protocol of the health department of how to be disinfected before start working. The driver and the car as well will go through the protocol of disinfecting.
The driver will wait at the supermarket to leave as soon as the order is ready to deliver. At the arrival at the delivery point, the driver will leave the package outside the property and follow the disinfecting protocol for delivery. The customer will pick up the package and no physical contact will take place between the driver and the customer.

The Finance flow will be as following; Customer will order the products online through our website. The customer will do bank transfer the total of the order to our bank account and we will swipe immediately each order at the cashier. We will not work with credit.

The marketing plan and strategy; This platform has it’s own marketing backbone which we will advertise focusing to “HOME COOKING” and you can get the recipes, cooking instruction show, on the entire marketing platform, with ingredients delivery service.


Ishwar Daryanani – Founding Director
Aruba Tourist Channel

Please take note of the Safety First Protocol we take in order to deliver your product.

In a case you see a driver not complying with the protocol you can report the driver at +297-566-6192 via whatsapp.


At the supermarket packagers.

  1. Wash your hands properly as instructed.
  2. Put your face mask.
  3. Put your gloves and spray alcohol on the gloves.
  4. Put your apron and spray alcohol on the apron.
  5. Select each product as per order sheet and spray alcohol.
  6. Make delivery packages as on the order sheet.
  7. Seal the delivery package.
  8. Spray alcohol.

Driver and Car

  1. Driver must follow the same protocol of the packagers
  2. Driver must spray alcohol in the cabin and where the packages will be placed.
  3. At the delivery point, driver must place the package at the entrance outside the property and spray alcohol on the package again.
  4. Driver will message the customer that the package is at the delivery point.
  5. Driver will wait until the package is collected by the customer.


Ishwar Daryanani – Founding Director
Aruba Tourist Channel