COVID-19 travel medical coverage while traveling outside the USA

Travelers today in the face of a pandemic face special challenges. Everyone must be prepared for set backs and last minute changes to travel plans given the daily changes and problems we are facing across the world due to the coronavirus. At first, many insurance companies were covering coronavirus disease, but, particularly after March 27, 2020 when the CDC acknowledged the world wide pandemic and placed the whole world at level 3 (“Avoid Non-Essential Travel), many companies dropped coverage for covid-19.

Since these things are changing so rapidly, we thought it prudent to write a blog about companies that are still offering covid-19 coverage for people that are visiting outside the USA. Please note that you MUST NOT wait to get coverage. If you are already sick or even in the incubation period for the disease before your policy begins, ALL policies will exclude coverage. So, it is important to start coverage as soon as possible and not have a break in coverage. You can purchase the policies below even if you started out with a different company or did not previously have US health insurance. Ideally, you should start a plan from the day you leave your home country until you expect to return. The policies below can be extended for at least 6 months of coverage.

There are currently two top insurance providers namely Trawick International and INF insurance who offer international travel medical insurance coverage for coronavirus.

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  • My husband was born in Aruba Raymond Lejuez he still has a Dutch passport but lives in the USA we both plan to visit in November do we need to purchase the Covid travel insurance? Thank you

  • Will this cover Aruba’s “Covid Insurance” requirement or do we still have to pay the $15 a day?

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