Ban Serio Aruba is ready to inspire Aruba’s inhabitants with pride

In connection with Himno y Bandera, Ban Serio Aruba wants to extend pride. Ban Serio Aruba will have a painting and poem competition with the topic ‘Pride for Aruba’ this year.

The competitions will be the starting point of a new campaign of Ban Serio Aruba for 2022, ’Ban Serio will inspire you’. The idea is to extend the principal values to the people of Aruba, like cultural pride, environmental care, and attention for our security and amiability, something that Aruba is known for.

The first phase of the campaign will enforce on: ‘Ban Serio will extend with inspiration’ on the day of Himno y Bandera. We will start with a painting competition for kids between 4-12 years of age. We ask you to utilize your creativity and use unconventional materials like branches, plants, sand, flowers, biodegradable glitter, and any other material that you can imagine. To participate in the competition, you can download a PDF from Ban Serio Aruba’s Instagram and Facebook pages. You can turn in the painting between 11 and 16 March to Biblioteca National Oranjestad, Biblioteca San Nicolas, or the Office of Tourism (near Talk of the Town).

Also, Ban Serio Aruba will have a poem competition, for youth and adults from age 14 and up. Local poet Mary-Kay Quandus wrote a beautiful poem, which you have to finish. We ask that the participants be creative and express their joy and love for Aruba. You can find the poem on Ban Serio Aruba’s Facebook and Instagram pages, and you can turn in the last part of the poem in the inbox of their aforementioned social media pages .

Both competitions will have fun prizes which will help with knowing Aruba a little better.

Keep pending with our events calendar for Himno y Bandera which will appear on our social media pages.

Ban Serio Aruba is an initiative of the Aruba Tourism Authority and has a goal to create local awareness of Aruba’s culture, environment, cordiality, and security. For more information, visit Ban Serio Aruba’s Facebook or Instagram page.

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