Fly to Aruba with your official Aruba Mask Cover!

Locally produced ready to export!

Aruba Tourist Channel released their new Aruba brand logo with the new Face Mask Cover!
The logo carries the Aruba flag colors; Blue for peace and tranquility of Aruba’s clear blue sky and beaches, Yellow for the bright sun and the Red star for the bright star in the Caribbean.

The mask is produced in Aruba to support local businesses.
• 40% recycled polyester/30% recycled cotton/30% cotton Eco performance
• The Next Level Adult Face mask is a reusable, eco-friendly and sustainable 2-ply mask made of 70% recycled material. Each mask is made from approximately 1 recycled poly (RPET) water bottle. Moisture wicking fabrication is washable and breathable. Features a double layer fabric, goes over your ears for secure fit, fits over an N95 mask.
• 96.6% Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) rating to protect against particles and viruses.
• Test on our products were conducted by an accredited, independent laboratory using the STP0005 standard based on ATSM
• Under the Emergency USE Authorization (EUA), our cloth face masks are to be used for source control only and are not personal protective equipment. This mask in not intended as a respiratory protective device and should not be used for particulate filtration.
• Double layer fabric
• Eco-friendly
• Reusable
• Unisex

You can order yours online at our online sore!

Aruba Tourist Channel