Europe plays a key role in ATA’s diversification strategy

ATA's representatives were also recognized for the region

Recently, a conference took place between ATA’s CEO, Ronella Croes, CMO Sanju Luidens, the team of ATA Europe, as well as Aruba’s representatives for Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and the advertising agency DEPT.

From the establishment of ATA Sui Generis (2011) until the near beginning of the pandemic (2019), Europe showed growth. The region grew from a total of 80,074 visitors in 2011, to a total of 90,304 in 2019. This growth is per ATA’s strategy of diversification. For Europe, the diversification strategy focuses on growing the markets of The Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium, which while small, is lucrative. During the pandemic, one of the markets that are standing out is The Netherlands, but Aruba’s principal market is Europe.

During the years, Aruba already knew to expand to different markets, for example, the Italian market. When Italy opened its borders to fly at the end of the previous year, Aruba was one of the six countries in the world for which they have opened.

During the conferences, they evaluated the stipulated goals for 2022, which were loaned from August 2021, when ATA delivered the budget and plan for 2022. The distinctive developments were analyzed on their goal impact for 2022. Generally, it is said that The Netherlands, which is sticking out, is indicating that it’s going smoothly. The stipulated goal provides the total highest visitors that The Netherlands has known when analyzing the period 2011-2022. Italy has the goal of recovering 60% of what was procured in 2019, which shows that it is achievable.

For Germany and England, there are more challenges, and ATA will have to take the necessary steps to tend to the challenges at hand. The markets will produce attractive candidates of visitors, but what’s important is to read the stipulated goal. It also needs to be said that different opportunities are in development that can impact 2022 and/or 2023.

ATA’s European representatives are also being recognized, and thanked ATA’s associates for their years representing Aruba; Beauveu Marketing Ltd. from the United Kingdom for 15 years representing Aruba, Global Tourist from Italy for 10 years representing Aruba, and FAME from Germany for 5 years representing Aruba.

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