Why Sam Gore Loves Aruba

Written by Chrissy Gates

The Aruba Tourist Channel had the honor of interviewing Sam Gore, an ESPN  sports announcer, who is an avid lover of the island of Aruba as well as a huge advocate for the Aruba Tourist Channel.  We appreciate Sam’s assessment of our “One Happy Island’ Aruba.

Tell us a little about Sam Gore the man: family, beliefs, hobbies.  My wife, Julie and I, have a 19 year old son, David. I’m a fitness fanatic, who loves to workout by weight lifting, riding my Peloton bike, playing tennis, going on long walks, etc. I live by the philosophy of mind, body and spirit, meaning at the end of each day, I make sure I have done something to improve my mind, body and spirit.  I’m a devout follower of Jesus, and seek to follow and apply His teachings in all areas of my life. I believe every person is a beautiful creation by God, and I love to shower people I meet with joy, affirmation and love.  I have a passion and enthusiasm for making the most of everyday, and I hope I brighten people’s days that I encounter.

What made you pursue a career in sports broadcasting?  I was always wired to want to talk about the sports I played and watched!  From the time I was a child, I wanted to listen to what the announcers would say and think of how I would describe things I saw, and questions I would ask.  I’ve had a passion for presenting sports and telling the stories and journeys of athletes.

From left to right. Jullie Gore, Sam Gore and Ishwar Daryanani.

You are a regular visitor to the island of Aruba. When did you first visit and what about the island makes you continue to return?  My first visit to Aruba was in the late 1990’s and I’ve never stopped returning.  It’s one of the few places in the world, along with Australia, that I feel like I could live there year-round.  It begins with the people of Aruba.  I’m a relationship person, meaning I like to get to know people and their stories.  Arubans are just genuinely wonderfully loving and grace-filled people.  The attitude of Arubans very much follows the teachings of Jesus in that they seem to live by a philosophy of putting others first.  When you’re dependent on tourism, this is a very valuable trait to have as a nation.  The attitude in Aruba seems to be one of “how can we make your experience here enjoyable”, as opposed to other destinations where the attitude is more like “you’re just lucky to be here so fend for yourself!”

Through the years, many Arubans have become like family to us and we stay in touch throughout the year.  In fact, visiting Aruba feels more like visiting family instead of just a vacation. I also love how Aruba makes it so easy to travel to and from there.  Clearing US Customs in Aruba is such a blessing as well! It seems like each time we return, something new and efficient has been added to the travel experience.

Where do you usually stay when you are in Aruba? Without question, we always stay at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino.  The General Manager, Paul Gielen, and his staff have become like family to us.  When I say that, I really mean it.  We stay in touch with our Renaissance family year-round and absolutely love the property as well.  

What restaurant do you look forward to visiting when you are in Aruba?  There are so many! We always begin each morning with the breakfast buffet at Aquarius, in the Renaissance. We get an incredible start to the day and a ton of hugs! 🙂 We always dine at Driftwood our first evening in Aruba, but also love to wander out to Papiamento, Cuba’s Cookin, Casa Tua and many more!

How did you first learn about the Aruba Tourist Channel? Ishwar Daryanani? I saw the channel on Facebook and reached out to Ish because I thought it was such a wonderful and impactful idea, so I volunteered to help in any way I could.

You have been an advocate for the channel since inception.  What was it that you saw in the channel and Daryanani himself that caused you to reach out to him? The world needs more Aruba! 🙂 The infectious personalities of the people and beauty of the island make it a place everyone should know about. Ish is so creative and innovative, and he mixes that with kindness and fun.  He’s extremely intelligent in knowing how to promote Aruba and is also a tireless worker.  This channel is unique in that it can be accessed all over the world at any time.  It’s not just written pieces on tourist attractions, but an authentic representation of what it’s like to visit Aruba, and what you can do.  Having a dedicated channel to Aruban tourism provides unlimited opportunity to SHOW people around the world every facet of the island…food, restaurants, hotels, activities, beaches, culture, travel tips, etc

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