In July 2022, Aruba received 109,006 stay-over visitors.

This is the second best July in Aruba’s history!

A.T.A. informs that for the month of July, our island has received a total of 109,006 stay-over visitors. If we compare July 2022 with July 2019 which was the normal year of tourism, we can see that Aruba has recovered 105% compared to what we received in 2019.

In 2005 Aruba experienced the best July in history, receiving 109,251 stay-over visitors. It is beautiful to see that in July 2022, after a pandemic, Aruba has seen its second-best July. 

2022 shows stronger and more stable growth than 2021. If we compare July 2022 with July 2021 we can see a growth of 9% in the number of stay-over visitors.

82% of the total stay-over visitors come from North America, 8% come from Europe, 7% come from Latin America and 3% comes from other places around the world. 

Aruba Tourist Channel