Experience March 18 with MANA

Museo Arqueologico National Aruba(MANA), opens its doors to the public on Himno y Bandera from 10 AM to 2 PM, where there’s a possibility of varied experiences.

There’s artwork from local artists Velvet Zoe Ramos and Osayra Muyale. Belinda de Veer, with his art exhibition ‘Ruptura/Fissures’, offers visitors a guide and explanations. From the international artist Sjoerd Martens, you can see the new exhibit ‘My neighbor has petroglyphs in her backyard’. In the aforementioned exhibit, there is audiovisual production in which landscapes were painted on boulders and can observe traces of people. Local archeologists Raymundo Dijkhof and Harold Kelly are present at MANA’s permanent exhibit halls to attend to questions and observations over our native ancestors. Harold Kelly will also attend the public to contribute to an investigation for a Doctorate in Archeology. 

Discover and experience MANA’s precious gardens, which are a hidden joy. In the garden, there are sculptures of artists Ciro Abath, Ryan Oduber, and Trudy Lampe, an ideal scenery to take unique pictures. From the first floor terrace, there’s a beautiful view of Playa’s harbor, its ranch, The San Francisco pro-cathedral, and even Hooiberg. 

In Imeldahof’s Noord convent, MANA has a ‘Caribbean Ties’ exhibition, open for the public. This, in conjunction with the exhibition from Fundacion Kapel di Betania, ‘Historia di Parokia di Noord’, offers a ‘koffeemorgen’, from 9 AM to 2 PM.

This year, MANA with 2 locations in Oranjestad and Noord, invites the Aruban public to come by and celebrate Himno y Bandera, learning more of Aruba’s history and art. MANA expresses a desire of all inhabitants and visitors to appreciate Aruba and take care of it every day, especially on March 18.

Aruba Tourist Channel