Aruba Tourist Channel 5th Anniversary!

In 2009 Aruba Tourist Channel was founded by Mr. Ishwar Daryanani. A dedicated communication platform for the tourist as a way to export Aruba’s Culture, History, and Art on an international level.

On the 27th of September 2018, Aruba Tourist Channel was officially launched as Aruba’s first and only TV channel dedicated to the tourist market.

“Aruba Tourist Channel was not ready for development in 2009. I knew I was confronting time travel returning to Aruba in 2009, but I love Aruba so much that I said, I will do this time travel journey and will confront whatever it takes to establish Aruba’s first IP-TV Channel live from Aruba.

I had to wait  9 years in Aruba to finally reach the vision I had in 2009.

Aruba Tourist Channel is a showcase of IshMedia Studios in its full potential: Website Development, Live Broadcast, E-Commerce, Social Media Integration, Video production of both live and pre-recorded videos, Photography, Marketing Plans, Marketing Strategy, and Media Plans.” said Ishwar Daryanani.

Today the 27th of September 2022 the channel celebrates its 5th anniversary by launching Aruba’s first and only concierge newspaper called “THE ADVISOR” where you can find all activities in all hotels and happy hours. As well as local activities, with specials and important numbers like taxi and emergency numbers.

The Advisor can be downloaded directly from the website ArubaTouristChannel.com or you can subscribe to our newsletter to receive the weekly newspaper in your email inbox.

Aruba Tourist Channel