Legal Battle Rages On as Aruban Government and Three Rivers Real Estate Lock Horns Over Controversial Secrets Baby Beach Hotel Project

ORANJESTAD – The Secrets Baby Beach Hotel in Aruba has been at the center of controversy due to its location and the process by which its construction was approved.

The Three Rivers Real Estate VBA, the company responsible for the construction of the hotel, has been accused in various articles and by community members of not respecting local laws and court rulings regarding the project. However, the company has strongly refuted these allegations, stating that they have complied with all legal requirements for the building permits and that the courts have not nullified these permits. They have stated that they respect the outcome of all court rulings, even when they are not the defendant party, and will continue to act in accordance with the laws of Aruba and court rulings​.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Aruba, Evelyn Wever – Croes, held a press conference where she discussed the latest developments about the hotel project. It was mentioned that despite the construction permit and all other relevant permits being legally granted to the developers, there have been around 20 court cases to review this. The permits were granted during the governing period when ex-Minister Otmar Oduber was Minister. However, on many occasions, groups within the community have filed court cases against the hotel’s construction​.

Recently, there was a verdict in court filed by a group of residents that for the first time led to the decision to postpone the project. The Government of Aruba disagrees with this verdict and has appealed it, awaiting a decision on the appeal​.

The Aruban Government believes in the development of San Nicolas, where the hotel is being built, and thus granted the relevant permits for the hotel. The government has invested in the potential tourism of the area, including beautification projects for Baby Beach and Rodgers Beach. The Economy Minister, Geoffrey Wever, has also been investing time and attention in improving areas in San Nicolas to attract other types of development​.

The Prime Minister asked the community waiting for the hotel to have patience while court cases are dealt with. The project is considered very important for the country of Aruba, respecting the rights of all inhabitants. However, there are certain limits when making decisions for the welfare of the entire country. The government believes that the hotel project will bring a lot of development not only for San Nicolas but for all of Aruba​.

Despite these statements from both sides, there appears to be significant controversy and ongoing legal challenges that may impact the progress and final outcome of the project. I was unable to find more recent news or updates about the situation due to some issues with accessing certain webpages, but the information above should provide a more comprehensive understanding of the situation as it stands.


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