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“Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” is a supernatural comedy film that continues the legacy of the Ghostbusters franchise, serving as a sequel to “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” (2021). Directed by Gil Kenan and co-written with Jason Reitman, this installment brings together both new and returning characters in an action-packed and humorous story set against the backdrop of an impending supernatural crisis.

The story kicks off as the Spengler family returns to the iconic New York City firehouse, joining forces with the original Ghostbusters who have been developing a top-secret research lab for advanced ghostbusting techniques. Their reunion is timely, as the discovery of an ancient artifact unleashes an army of ghosts upon the city, casting a death chill that threatens to plunge the world into a second Ice Age. Together, the new and old Ghostbusters must band together to protect their home and save the world from this chilling fate​ (Sony Pictures)​.

The ensemble cast includes Paul Rudd as Gary Grooberson-Spengler, Carrie Coon as Callie Spengler, Finn Wolfhard as Trevor Spengler, Mckenna Grace as Phoebe Spengler, Kumail Nanjiani as Nadeem Razmaadi, Patton Oswalt as Dr. Hubert Wartzki, Celeste O’Connor as Lucky Domingo, and Logan Kim as Podcast. The original Ghostbusters are also back, with Bill Murray as Dr. Peter Venkman, Dan Aykroyd as Dr. Raymond “Ray” Stantz, and Ernie Hudson as Dr. Winston Zeddemore. Annie Potts reprises her role as Janine Melnitz, with additional appearances by William Atherton as Mayor Walter Peck, James Acaster, and Emily Alyn Lind among others​ (Wikipedia)​.

This thrilling adventure not only seeks to capture the essence of the original films but also introduces new elements and challenges for the Ghostbusters, promising a mix of nostalgia and innovation for fans and new audiences alike.

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