Starting July 4th, Avianca to Offer 9 Weekly Flights to Aruba

ORANJESTAD – Recently, the Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) held a meeting with members of Avianca’s team along with the Aruba Airport Authority. Avianca was represented by Viviana Martin, Director of Government Relations and President and General Manager of Avianca Costa Rica, as well as Johanna Hernandez, Sales Executive of Avianca in Aruba, and Anne Lilian Rijke, Airport Service Leader of Avianca in Aruba. The Aruba Airport Authority was represented by Joost Meijs, CEO of AAA, Barbara Brown, COO of AAA, and Jo-Anne Arends Meaux, Business Development Executive of AAA. Ronella Croes, CEO of A.T.A., and Sanju Luidens-Daryanani, CMO of A.T.A., were present on behalf of the A.T.A.

Avianca is the largest airline in Latin America with the highest seat capacity to Aruba and has played a key role in our region’s recovery. For example, the Colombian market has surpassed the 2019 figures compared to the previous year, and by May 2023, it has experienced a 24% growth compared to 2019. It is projected that the number of visitors from Colombia will reach a record high in 2023. Avianca brings not only visitors from Colombia but also from long-haul markets such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru.

During the meeting, Avianca discussed their restructuring plans and ongoing initiatives. They are exploring additional frequencies and the possibility of new routes to further diversify. Starting from July 4th, Avianca will commence with 9 weekly flights from Bogota to Aruba, which is highly positive.

The A.T.A. collaborates closely with the Avianca team throughout the year and creates at least 4 campaigns that cover the entire Latin American region. This supports the interest and demand for Aruba in the coming months.

Since 2011, the A.T.A. has consistently worked on diversifying the primary market strategy by focusing on different markets. As a result, the Latin American market has grown annually with an average of 5% from 2011 to 2019, excluding the Venezuelan market.

On December 2nd, LATAM Airlines will begin services from Peru, aligning with the aforementioned diversification strategy and making it even more attractive for visitors from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Chile to reach Aruba. Preparations are already underway to make this route successful and establish a fruitful relationship with the airline.

The A.T.A. is extremely pleased with the positive developments in the Latin American market and the partnership that enables this diversification.

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