Aruba Airport Temporarily Closes Due to Air Conditioning Malfunction

Oranjestad, Aruba – Today, Queen Beatrix International Airport experienced a temporary closure and operational disruptions due to issues with its air conditioning system. The Aruba Airport Authority was actively involved in communicating updates regarding the situation.

The day started with the Aruba Airport Authority announcing that the airport would be closed to commercial flights until 12:00 PM. This was due to the air conditioning system not functioning properly as a result of ongoing repairs within the airport facilities. A NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) was issued to alert about the closure and the likelihood of some flights being diverted to Curacao (CUR) until normal operations could resume.

As of 10:45 AM, the situation remained the same. The airport had arranged for passengers who preferred to wait in a more comfortable environment to spend their time at the Hyatt Place, where air conditioning was available. The NOTAM continued to be in effect, with an expectation of certain flights being diverted to Curacao.

Later, at 11:35 AM, the Aruba Airport Authority provided an update indicating a change in the airport’s reopening schedule. It was now expected to open at 1:00 PM to ensure the terminal was at an appropriate temperature for passengers and airport workers. The check-in process was to start at 12:00 PM, but access to other facilities within the airport was not to be granted until 1:00 PM. The check-in process was to be conducted in the order of the planned flights.

By 12:09 PM, another update was shared. Check-in had started at 12:00 PM, and the airport’s other facilities and runway were set to begin operations by 12:30 PM, earlier than initially anticipated. One flight, AA 874 from CLT, was diverted to Curacao, while two JetBlue flights, 2219 from Newark and 757 from JFK, were diverted to Puerto Rico. Delta flight 1762 from BOS was in the process of landing. All other flights were planned to operate as normal, though some delays were expected.

The Aruba Airport Authority thanked everyone for their patience and cooperation during the period of inconvenience.

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