The Prime Minister announced that as of May 4th, 2020, they will start re-opening the local economy. Opening the country to tourism is not yet an option, however, a committee is working on a set of criteria that must be met for this to happen. In either case the airport will not re-open in the month of May.
During a press conference, the Prime Minister reiterated the importance of the role each citizen has to play in the next phase, which according to her is of even more importance than the one behind us.

Important points to be considered moving into the next phase are as follows:


If you feel any symptoms relating to COVID-19, stay inside and call 280-0101 immediately. The sooner the virus is detected, the more successful we are in avoiding it from spreading out. If you know of anyone who has these symptoms, please encourage them to do the same. For the virus to be prevented from spreading out, we need to know about it in time. It is the strategy of aggressive testing that helped us to detect the virus in time. Thanks to this strategy, today we see a decrease in the total number of cases.


The government is moving into the next phase by allowing some establishments to re-open to the public. The maximum amount of people allowed in the establishment at the time is 15, so if you are number 16thand asked to wait outside please respect and obey these instructions. If you are asked to clean your hands by using hand sanitizer before entering the establishment, please respect and obey these instructions. If you are asked to maintain 2-meter distance from others, please respect and obey these instructions. These rules have been established by the government for your own protection.


The Prime Minister mentioned that she received various messages in regard to the readiness of Aruba to into the next phase. Some were messages of encouragement for which she is very grateful, others were more critical. She also mentioned that she received various comments and questions. One of the questions was; Is Aruba ready for this new phase? Her answer was a firmly YES. The Prime Minister has faith that the community will do their best to help Aruba overcome this crisis. She is completely aware of all the sacrifices that each and every one has been making for these last 6 weeks. Aruba’s economic pillar was sacrificed, our freedom was sacrificed as we stayed inside during the curfew hours, we were not allowed to do what we love to do anymore, and we had to sacrifice our loved ones as visitors were not allowed into the care homes. All these sacrifices show the commitment of each individual in helping to take Aruba forward.

“We love ourselves, our family and Aruba, and for this reason we will do anything in our power to help our island overcome this crisis” These were the words of Aruba’s Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes


  • Please stay safe Aruba. We can’t wait to be able to visit your wonderful island again. Hope to see you soon. ❤️

  • I am scheduled to come to Aruba in October. I have been a visitor for over 30 years and it will break my heart if I am not able to travel to your beautiful country, Of course I understand that this might not be possible, but then there is always next year.

  • Stay well Aruba. We missing our four week stay at La Cabana (should be there right now). We cannot wait for good health to be restored for all, so we are able to come again. We miss the beautiful island and all the Aruban people.

  • thank you for doing your job!
    protecting the people of Aruba.
    and making very hard decisions.
    well done.

  • Thank you for sharing this update. God bless you and the people of Aruba. We have been coming to our home away from home for 30 plus years and appreciate the love and freindships we have experienced over the years. Many memories made and we look for many more. We hope to see you in September. I was wondering how it will be determined who will be allowed to visit the island as you ramp up and reopen. I hope tenure will be taken into consideration. Take care.

  • We’ve been vacationing in Aruba since our Honeymoon in 1996 ! Were scheduled for May 10th, hope to be there end of Oct. !

  • I as a timeshare owner and have been visiting Aruba for many years can not wait to get back on the island we love so much.We are scheduled to visit July and October however the Aruba people are our forest concern for the wellness and safety. I’m happy to hear they are starting phase 1.Everyone has to do their part local and visitors alike. I can’t wait to return to help the people of Aruba start to rebuild their economy back and see the Aruba people that we have come to love. her I the US some states are starting to slowly reopen and although I’m sure it will be a lengthy process it is a step in the right direction to try to recover from this disease that took over the world and changed all our lives as we once knew them, We are strong and the people of Aruba are strong and we will all prevail. prime Minister kudos to you for doing the right thing and taking steps forward.

  • We honeymooned back in April of 1983 and have returned many times. July 7th to the 17th is or next trip hopefully. God bless the families in Aruba!!!

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