Inaugural Event Hosted by Aruba’s Private Airport, JET-TNCA

ORANJESTAD – JET-TNCA, the Fixed Based Operator (FBO) by Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA), Aruba’s premier FBO, proudly hosted its inaugural event at Aruba Airport’s general aviation terminal. The evening marked a celebration of excellence in aviation services and a testament to Aruba’s commitment to top-tier hospitality.

The event featured distinguished speakers including Aruba’s Minister of Tourism and Public Health, Mr. Dangui Oduber, Director of Commercial Operations, FBO Sales Caribbean at World Fuel Services, Mr. Sneider Melendez, and CEO of Aruba Airport Authority N.V., Mr. Joost Meijs. Each speaker highlighted the significance of JET-TNCA’s role in enhancing Aruba’s aviation landscape and fostering excellence in service delivery.

The event was also attended by esteemed guests including Aruba’s Minister of Transport, Integrity, Nature, and Elderly Affairs, Mr. Ursell Arends, Interim director of Aruban Immigration Mr. Andrew Hoo, Aruba Customs & Border Protection, Chef Secretariat Airport Mr. Roderick Wouters, along with the Board Members of AAA and ATA.

As a token of appreciation, Minister Oduber and Mr. Melendez were honored with the emblematic logo of JET-TNCA crafted on wood, symbolizing Aruba’s craftsmanship and dedication to exceptional service. The evening was highlighted with entertainment by the Impressive Dancers, adding a festive touch to the celebration. The unveiling of the JET-TNCA logo in front of the airport building marked a milestone moment, symbolizing the commitment to continue providing excellence and innovation in FBO services at Aruba Airport.

JET-TNCA, under the ownership of Aruba Airport Authority N.V., sets the standard for sophistication and top-tier service in Aruba’s aviation industry. Situated at Aruba Airport’s general aviation terminal, JET-TNCA offers a comprehensive array of FBO services, catering to diverse clientele ranging from business aviation to air medical services.

With a focus on excellence and a commitment to exceptional service, JET-TNCA is poised to redefine the general aviation experience in Aruba and beyond.

Aruba Tourist Channel