Bodegas Papiamento wins Bronze medal at International Wine & Spirits Competition in London

Oranjestad, Aruba – 28 March 2022 – Bodegas Papiamento is being internationally recognized once more with their premium rum: Aruba Reserve.

In March, for more than 50 Years, the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) took place in London, England. It is a renowned competition that establishes a reference point for the highest quality in the industry. Every year, IWSC gathers diverse experts worldwide to evaluate many participants for a prize. With more than 4,000 types of wine and liquor participating from 90 different countries, Aruba Reserve managed to win Bronze.

This is a high-value recognition in the industry dedicated to rigorous standards that are being utilized in the evaluation process. The judges consist of various global experts like sommeliers, buyers, producers, distributors, and influencers in the liquor industry, where the group does a double-blind method, where the spirits are being tasted anonymously , and in that way, the judges give their opinion to conclude excellence.

The recognition reaffirms the quality of Aruba Reserve Rum, and thus puts Aruba on the map once again in the world of liquor. 

This prize marks Aruba Reserve as a winning rum from 3 prestigious international prizes, jointly with the Virtus Award in Lisbon, Portugal, and the International Sugarcane Spirits Awards in Paris, France. Bodegas Aruba thanks all for the valuable support provided, and will continue to provide maximum effort to put Aruba on international platforms with quality products, and soon Aruba will allow a superior product made at home.

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