Regulation of Vacation Rentals Entering Final Phase, says Minister Oduber

ORANJESTAD – The issue of “vacation rentals” is currently entering its final phase of regulation within the framework of sustainable tourism, according to Minister Dangui Oduber, who has been paying attention to this topic for some time now. The phenomenon of tourists preferring to stay in vacation rentals has been ongoing globally for some years now and is also a trend that we observe in Aruba. According to a report from the Aruba Tourism Authority, approximately 30 percent of our visitors in Aruba are staying in this type of accommodation.

Minister Oduber explained that it is very important to introduce regulation for vacation rentals and thus create a level playing field in Aruba. The government will regulate this based on registration, where every owner with a “listing” must register their vacation rental to operate it.

The minister revealed that the process of the independence of the Food Inspection and Hygiene Unit (DWH), which is currently part of the DVG, is already underway. The law for this is in its final phase before going to the Advisory Council. This unit will become sui generis and will remain responsible for the entire process of granting permits and carrying out the necessary controls to maintain the quality of our Aruban product. The controls to be carried out will include (1) hygiene checks and (2) safety checks. The process of digitizing the permit process for hospitality establishments is also currently underway.

Minister Oduber emphasizes the importance of equality in the operation for everyone renting accommodations in Aruba. Compliance with tax obligations is also crucial. The government also needs to get its fair share, including the “Tourism Levy”. According to Minister Oduber, this is extremely important to create and maintain equality in the conditions for operating such businesses in Aruba.

Minister Oduber believes that this law and this approach are a good initiative and is pleased that all departments involved are actively participating in the process of government regulation of the vacation rental phenomenon. This, in turn, will create equality among companies and ensure compliance with all obligations regarding vacation rentals by their owners as well.

Minister Dangui Oduber listens to the people of Aruba and has the courage to introduce solutions for equality in business operating conditions. It’s not an easy path, but one that needs to be taken to ensure a fair playing field for everyone. This approach demonstrates concrete action for sustainable tourism and a good balance.

Aruba Tourist Channel