Wednesday 15th April 2020- 2pm Update Covid – 19

Prime Minister – Mrs. Evelyn Wever-Croes

Unfortunately today Aruba reports its first death as consequence of the Covid-19 virus. The 79 year old patient was hospitalized. Investigation is currently taking place to determine the exact cause of death. What we do know, is that this person was tested positive for Covid-19.

Even though we are conscious of the fact that we are dealing with a deadly virus, and the fact that people could die, still this news comes to us as a shocking one. In our hearts we wished to have gotten through this crisis with no fatalities. This event however makes us once again aware of the seriousness of this crisis and the importance of following all instructions diligently.

We continue to remind everyone to please call the Diagnostic Center or your physician as you encounter any symptoms, in order to be diagnosed early and so to prevent the virus from spreading.

Once more we urge you to remain indoors and to only go out if really necessary and if doing so, to maintain distance from other people.

Also continue to apply hygienic measures of frequently washing your hands to prevent the virus from spreading.

The government of Aruba continues to attend and manage this crisis in the best possible manner. However we are counting on you, the public to cooperate with us.

The government of Aruba extends its condolences to the bereaved family and wishes that their loved one may rest in peace.

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