Unique pieces for house Dundun Ecury

An original mirror of the Ecury family, decorated with Cherub (angel of wisdom) and Apollo (Greek God) who were part of the interior of the houses of the Ecury family returns to MANA (Museo Arqueologico Nacional Aruba). It will be accompanied by a chair in Emperor Louis XVI style, also from the end of the 19th century.

In the past, high-class French furniture from the late 1800s was imported to Aruba and symbolized the social status of the gentlemen. The two artifacts mentioned are part of the “Spirito di Tempo” development exhibition, which is expected to open in 2023.

“Spirito di Tempo” illustrates the elegance and form of merchant life around the 1920s-30s and includes unique pieces illustrating the lifestyle in “cas di shonnan” (residential villas) in Oranjestad. The exhibition will be installed here in the central building of the Ecury complex, a mansion built in 1929 by Dada Picus.

In addition to his majestic mirror and chair in “Spirito di Tempo” he incorporates several other spectacular pieces that have emerged from various private and national collections. Old pieces bring possibilities and inspiration to collectors and artistic creators. MANA acknowledges and thanks UNOCA and Prince Bernard Cultuurfonds Caribbean Area for their contribution to acquiring these two unique pieces for the community and visitors to enjoy as well.

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