Some word of advice of Alexandra Berkley!

I’ve been coming to Aruba every year since I was 2 1/2 months old. I consider myself super lucky to be able to have an amazing mom who will take me. We’ve been staying at the surf club since it opened and when I first got here and saw the kids club closed I got so sad. One of the workers has watched me grow up since I was around 5-6 years old and has saw me every year ever since. This vacation I got to celebrate my 20th birthday and my 19th visit to Aruba. Yes, it is different now since corona, the bar isn’t hustling and bustling like it normally is, I don’t hear the activities Director calling out bingo numbers from 1-2, and the masks, won’t lie they freak me out, I have a total fear of hospitals so corona season has been interesting, wearing one even more so, but they are soooo happy to have us back. So when you visit, tip more than you would as the country is almost bankrupt and 70-75% of workers lost their jobs. Be courteous to all the staff as they are trying their best to make sure everything is clean and safe for everyone. So if you’re planning on visiting, don’t worry, I promise you’ll feel completely safe and maybe even a little normal. Please don’t complain about what the Aruba Government should or shouldn’t be doing. Keep opinions to yourself because they know what’s best for them. For those that cancelled their trips this year, please please please plan on coming back, they love y’all, they need y’all to keep food on the table for their families. All in all I had an AMAZING trip, not surprised because aruba never disappoints, and because it’s my Home. Just gonna say probably the best birthday ever.

See you later Aruba, I love you and I’ll be back soon!


  • What a nice young lady you are! Our May trip was canceled but we have plans for Christmas and New Years, keeping our fingers crossed everyone is good and we can still go. Nice to hear a long time visitors opinion, we have been going about as long as you have been alive

  • Thanks for the words of advice Alexandra! We plan on going back in November for the 25th year so I know what you mean. Aruba is our 2nd home also. Aruba needs us all right now!! Love the pics 🙂

  • Very wise and kind words Alexandra! We cancelled our trip in August from Bergen, Norway but will make it there next year, it will be our 45th time visiting Aruba!!! We miss our Flamingos friend!!

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