A.T.A with a study: impact of the cost increase on demand of tourism for Aruba.

Aruba has always positioned itself as a destination with higher prices and succeeded in this. A.T.A will continue to do its effort to aim for the type of tourist that is willing to pay this price and sees the value of this. However, it is considered that they have to investigate what impacts a price increasement will have on the demand for a vacation in Aruba and will continue to monitor this. One more time, it is also pointed out that it is important to focus on providing an appropriate level of “value for money”. 

After different dialogues with various associates, organizations, government departments, and unions in Aruba and the kingdom, A.T.A has decided to focus on 3 studies to advise on decisions based on investigations and facts.

The goal of this research is to find out how much the price for a family vacation or a honeymoon will cost each person for the different elements of a vacation. Example: The cost for a flight, accommodation, food, drinks, transportation, and activities per person. 

For the first part, A.T.A together with the help of the University of Central Florida is focusing on the effectiveness of marketing, to establish how effective the strategy of A.T.A. is. In the second part, they are focusing more on what impact the cost increasement will have on the demand for tourism and the amount per night that a tourist stays. 

A.T.A hopes to have the results of this investigation by the end of August and the beginning of September. For this investigation, A.T.A. is surveying the visitors. 

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