Aruba’s first winners from Aruba Signature Experiences are known; niche components for our Tourism developed.

For many years, ATA was focused on the importance of offering unique and different experiences for tourists to keep the destination as attractive and competitive as possible. Through investigation, ATA concluded that 3 niches attract more tourists and generate more island entries, and at the same time have a lower impact on our environment, which is romance, adventure, and wellness. 

During the Tourism Day celebration in September 2021, ATA announced the Aruba Signature Experiences program, intending to simulate experience growth or new ideas in the aforementioned niches. The program invites the whole Aruban community to bring innovative ideas and in turn, start this journey.

Interested individuals can follow a course at EPI as an essential part of the journey and as a second step, turn in a business and financial plan to Qredits Aruba. As experts in the financial and feasibility area, Qredits Aruba proposed a final list of the best candidates for ‘Aruba Signature Experiences’. 

Based on the criteria like, how unique the experience is, if it complies with the ROPV rules, the level of High value-Low impact, and if it’s operational in 6 months, 4 winners was chosen. 2 winners are focusing on wellness, 1 focuses on romance, and 1 focuses on low impact adventure.

ATA is happy to announce the winners who in turn became the pioneers of ‘Aruba Signature Experiences’. Congratulations to Mr. Bryan Barrero, Mrs. Stephanie Pietersz, Mrs. Sylvia Dennert & Mrs. Myra de Sousa. 

Now that the winners are known, the second part of the program will start, where ATA will provide a consultant from Business IQ who specializes in the niche area to provide help to the winners, offering support to finalize the details to make the ideas more exciting. ATA will assist everyone in the promotional aspect to visually highlight relevant and unique content. Support will also be provided to the winners in the marketing area. 

Aruba Signature Experiences is a program that will continue for 2 more years. In this form, ATA wants to encourage entrepreneurs to focus on unique and unforgettable experiences for our visitors.

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