To promote Sustainable and Affordable Air Transport between the Dutch Caribbean Islands:

Dutch Caribbean Cooperation of Airports (DCCA) organizes the first international “Sustainable Air Transportation Event” in Aruba in November 2022

ORANJESTAD – One of the key elements of the cooperation Agreement signed in April 2021 by the Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors of all six commercial Airports within the Dutch Caribbean pertaining to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is to collaborate towards sustainable, stable, and affordable air connections between the Dutch Caribbean airports.

In light of above goal, Aruba Airport Authority N.V. on behalf of DCCA will be organizing an international one-week “Sustainable Air Transportation Event” in Aruba in November 2022. During that week, DCCA aims to present future focused alternative air transportation options to improve interisland connectivity between the Dutch Caribbean Islands. The objective will be to get the public acquainted with currently available solutions and to start discussing the various options for sustainable aviation with representatives of companies, partners in aviation, education institutions, research institutions, governments, consultants, investors and with all of those who are generally interested in this subject.  

For this event, together with Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR), DCCA will be bringing in the NLR two-seater electric aircraft from Europe, which will be executing test flights from Aruba Airport. A group of regional students and interested local companies will get the opportunity to work on the preparations, assembly, and disassembly of the aircraft whilst the local community will also have an opportunity to visit the aircraft and receive explanation on its operation, benefits, and challenges. DCCA is also in contact with the authorities to streamline visions within the Kingdom, bring in knowledge and define how to support DCCA’s initiative.

During the event several topics will be addressed in seminars and workshops, such as:

  1. Current research and future technology developments worldwide, related to sustainable aviation: electric and other alternatives to fossil fuel-based aviation
  2. Business opportunities and challenges for Airports and Airlines when becoming more sustainable
  3. Possibilities of a “public transport” approach in connecting the islands

CEO of Aruba Airport Authority N.V., Mr. Joost Meijs, indicated that DCCA looks forward to the November 2022 event and the active support and participation of several Dutch Caribbean and international stakeholders.. “An improved, sustainable and affordable interisland connectivity network will stimulate island hopping tourism, labor markets, healthcare services and enhance social networks”. 

Should your organization have an interest in collaborating on ideas, participation, or other suggestions for the November 2022 event, please contact DCCA Advisor, Mrs. Angeline Flemming at a.flemming@airportaruba.com 

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