ORANJESTAD – On Sunday evening, the Minister of Tourism and Public Health, Mr. Dangui Oduber, was present at the Marriott ballroom in connection with the celebration of Playa Linda Beach Resort’s 40th anniversary. During the ceremony to commemorate 40 years of existence, the official had the honor of delivering some words on behalf of the government of Aruba.

This anniversary marks a historic day in Aruba’s tourism, allowing us to look back into the past. Thanks to the individuals who had the vision from the beginning and believed in the importance of tourism as an economic pillar. Thanks to them, we can now say that tourism is one of the greatest achievements of our country, Aruba.

In the early 80s, “The Playa Linda Development Company” took charge of the Basiruti Hotel at that time. It was then noticed that good things were on the horizon. With the help of a local team of individuals and companies such as Raymond Maduro from “The Sun Development Company,” Dan Oduber as the architect, and ALBO Aruba, among others, Playa Linda was constructed. Today, it stands as one of the pioneers and well-known in the Timeshare Resorts tourism in Aruba and the region.

Today, Playa Linda has more than 200 rooms, and they are mostly occupied. This is thanks to Playa Linda’s staff and personnel who have always been committed to providing high-quality service, leading tourists to choose the hotel again.

What makes tourists return to our island is not just the effort of the management team but of all the employees. Minister Dangui Oduber expressed deep gratitude for the effort that the Playa Linda family has put into Aruba’s tourism and wishes them all kinds of success for the future.

Aruba Tourist Channel