TAXI 198 in Aruba with a very impressive review!

Text Message from the tourist;
My husband and I just got back from our honeymoon yesterday and had such a wonderful and relaxing time! We felt so safe when we were there and liked how every restaurant checked our temperature before dining with them!

The locals were so appreciative of us being there and it was nice that we could help boost their economy during these difficult times.

We ended up using the same taxi driver the whole time we were there. We met him at the airport and then we were able to coordinate the rest of our rides through Whats Ap. We learned so much about the island from him and it was nice to have a consistent and reliable driver. If you are interested in having him for your trip, please send me a private message. We would love to continue helping him and his family! Tell him Aaron and Kimmy say hi 😊 He has a nice big SUV and it is always super clean!


  • We love Win – He has become a part of our family! We’ve been going to Aruba for 20 years! Hope you return and keep Win and his fam in your thoughts always!

  • Love, Love, Win! We were introduced to Win by my cousin and aunt. We have been going to Aruba the past 8 years… our favorite place! One Happy Island!!❤️😎🌴☀️

  • Win has been our driver in Aruba since 2009! So personable and dependable! He treats us like we are truly part of his Island family and we keep in touch all year! We introduced him to at least a dozen members of our Aruba Crew and now everyone loves and relies on him every trip. Absolutely the BEST!

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