ATA recognizes three exemplary employees for exceptional work in 2021

Recently, ATA recognized three exemplary employees for their exceptional work in 2021.

Three employees were recognized for gaining the most points based on the program Standing Ovation Awards/Hi-Fives, which was introduced a few years back. Colleagues can give others Hi-Fives based on different actions and values that ATA stands for. In this form, it gives all employees the same opportunity to receive recognition from their colleagues.

Trade Relations Liaison, Amayra Boekhoudt, came out in third place. Amayra received different Hi-Fives and comments based on her availability and skill to help her colleagues. Amayra helped create memorable moments, and also for colleagues who have long since retired from ATA. Other mentions that Amayra received were also based on all acts of generosity and morality that she encourages in her colleagues.

Communications Manager Sjeidi Dijkhof-Feliciano came in second place. Sjeidy came out in first place in the Standing Ovation Awards 2020, and in 2021, colleagues gave Sjeidy Hi-Fives, and in that way came in the top three. Sjeidy received Hi-Fives for efforts made during the pandemic for guests, but also colleague support with projects and initiatives.

Trade Relations Liaison Jonathan Boekhoudt, better known as ‘Pachi’, came in first place. Jonathan received Hi-Fives from colleagues for different initiatives which is a part of him, including nature hikes with ATA equipment, which started during the pandemic. Jonathan was acknowledged for his hospitality, not only with groups of visitors but also with colleagues who were also ready to help without question. His principal paper during the pandemic on additional client services with ATA was also instituted to be recognized by colleagues. Pachi came out in second place in 2020.

During the last two years at ATA, just like many other organizations, many jobs were changed, and many people had to adapt to new responsibilities, due to the essence of their jobs wasn’t the same. The agility with the complete equipment unfolds to assume new responsibilities and adapt to the circumstances is something very remarkable and is something to be applauded.

ATA’s management is grateful for all efforts and work of each team member, and congratulations once again to the winners of the Standing Ovation Awards 2021. They want to also highlight the achievements of the workers in Aruba, but also the ones that are working at the offices in the United States, the Netherlands, and Colombia. The team in Aruba is proud and grateful for their international colleagues.

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