Heart-Centered Leadership Foundation organizes first edition of Impact Week

Heart-Centered Leadership Foundation (HCLF) announced the first edition of Impact Week, a 5-day camp for adolescents between the ages of 13 to17 years old, which will take place during the Easter weekend.

Impact Week is a 5-day camp that involves interactive activities, games, and dialogue based on intrapersonal development, and reflects on the theme of Becoming Heart-Centered. During these 5 days, the participants will jointly work together in a group with other adolescents where a group leader will guide the apprenticeship process of knowledge and proper communication using the method of the Heart-Centered Approach. Why Heart-Centered Approach? We promote the importance of establishing a sturdy foundation for the youth for them to have the ability to confront whichever obstacle. The heart-Centered Approach discloses the process of normal development, values, and genuine principles, which can contribute to cultivating motivation in the adolescents to create an impact in their personal lives or the community and manifest a culture filled with exemplary adolescents.

At the forefront of Impact Week, the participants will learn about the themes of principles, values, personal intentions, establishing a positive self-image, recognizing strength and challenges, reflections, comprehension, and necessary expressions and emotions. Registration for this journey closes on 13 April. After the first edition of Impact Week, we will have a continuance in October, where the second edition of Impact Week will underlie the theme of Being Heart-Centered, where the focus will be on intrapersonal development in teenagers.

Impact Week will take place from 19 to 23 April 2022. The hours for day 1 to day 4 will be: 9 am- 3 pm, and the hours for day 5 will be: 9 am – 1 pm. 

The activities will take place at Teresita Center, San Nicolas. There are two options to participate. The ones who are willing to participate in Impact Week alone will receive it at the special price of AWG. 150,-. The second option is to continue with the journey of Heart-Centered Youth Leaders, where they participate for free in Impact Week in April and October. The journey for the Heart-Centered Youth Leaders course includes registration as a volunteer at the Heart-Centered Leadership Foundation, completing the activities under Impact Week in April and October, and at least 2 voluntary activities within 10 months.

For the ones interested to know more about Impact week or the journey of Heart-Centered Youth Leaders, you can communicate Heart-Centered Leadership Foundation at 5841211 (WhatsApp), via hclfaruba@gmail.com, or by visiting www.hclfaruba.org. The journey is part of the Connecting Hearts project, co-financed by CEDE Aruba and Samenwerkende Fondsen Cariben.

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