Saturday 18th April 2020 – 7pm ARUBA Update COVID–19

Prime Minister – Mrs. Evelyn Wever-Croes

60 people were tested today. No one tested positive. This means that we remain at 96 positive tested cases (7%,) of which 44 people (46%) have recuperated. There are currently 50 active cases.

1358 people have been tested to this date. Of the 4 people hospitalized, 1 is in ICU.

This week there were 4 new cases, which means less than 1 case per day. This indicates that the virus has ceased to spread rapidly. This is a good sign.

Recap of events/measures since the first 2 cases were detected on Friday the 13th of March 2020:

First week:

no public activities

no visits to elderly homes

schools closed

earlier closing times for all establishments

Casinos, cinemas & gyms closed

Lockdown (border), started with outbound, afterward inbound – also for residents)

Second week:

Closed bars and restaurants (except drive through, take away and delivery)

Closed lottery sales

More aggressive testing as recommended by WHO (World Health Organization)

Third week:

Start Shelter in place (6 am – 9 pm)

Prohibition of gathering (max. 3 people together)

no visits to the hospital

Fourth week (Holy week):

Stricter Shelter in Place

Aruba is one of the countries in this region with more testing taking place. This is helping us to keep the crisis under control and this will help us decide how to adapt the current measures.

Aruba has a well prepared medical staff, sufficient equipment and medical supplies to deal with this crisis. The IC unit has increased its capacity to 33 units, thanks to additional aid of The Netherlands.

This crisis has shown the vulnerability of our economy, leaving many primary cost winner with no income.

The government is doing its utmost to assist.

Short term:

A Social Project (meal packs); phased financial aid for employees; subsidy for establishments (to keep their employees at work). Besides this, the minister of finances is working on financial assistance for small and medium-sized businesses.

Long term:

Accelerate pending projects which, as Shelter in Place and Curfew are waved, will generate employment (Fast Track Projects)

The government is also working to create the best Economic Model for Aruba. The result of these plans, which will offer progress, wellbeing and tranquility which all of us are seeking, will be presented shortly.

It is important for us to unite, in order to be able to surpass this crisis and guarantee the survival of our Country.

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