Minister Maduro of Culture Welcomes ‘Driekiel’: A Stunning Artwork Honoring Nature and Promoting Awareness in Aruba

On a Saturday morning, the public artwork 'Driekiel' by Gilbert Senchi was installed at a roundabout near Amsterdam Manor in Aruba. Minister Maduro of Culture welcomed this artwork, which pays tribute to nature, raises awareness about its vulnerability, and inspires harmony with nature. The artwork is the result of collaboration between public and private entities and will be officially unveiled soon.

ORANJESTAD – On an early Saturday morning, the public artwork ‘Driekiel’ by Aruban artist Gilbert Senchi was transported and installed at the roundabout next to Amsterdam Manor. Minister Maduro of Culture was there to welcome another beautiful public artwork that will adorn the landscape of Aruba.

A collaboration between public and private entities Last year in September, Minister Maduro visited Mr. Senchi at his studio in Colombia to observe the progress of this artwork, which was nearing completion and under time constraints. With essential assistance from the private sector and financial support from UNOCA, ATA, and TPEF, this artwork was completed and transported from Bogota via Cartagena to Aruba.

A location close to its natural habitat The public artwork ‘Driekiel’ has found a beautiful location at the roundabout next to Amsterdam Manor, close to where every year the sea turtles lay their eggs. The Driekiel overlooks the sea, reminding us of its natural habitat and urging us to protect it.

Driekiel pays tribute, creates awareness, and inspires us The artwork ‘Driekiel’ pays tribute to all repeat visitors to Aruba, as it has been a faithful visitor to Aruba for thousands of years. Driekiel also reminds us that Aruba is blessed with a very positive energy that attracts prosperity and abundance in life, both for humans and nature, to form the circle of life. Driekiel makes us aware of the fragility of our nature and the protection we must provide to this endangered species. Driekiel inspires us, our children, and the visitors of Aruba to always remain in harmony with our nature.

Official unveiling date to be announced soon The artwork ‘Driekiel’ is yet to be officially unveiled, as a part of it will arrive in Aruba soon. In the coming days, we will finalize the work and announce the date for the official unveiling of Driekiel.”

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