Happy World Tourism Day, 2021

Ronella Croes CEO Aruba Tourism Authority.

As per the United Nations World Tourism Organization, every year on the 27th of September, we commemorate World Tourism day.

Both our visitors and our residents are very important to us.

After all, Aruba is one of the most tourism Reliant nations in the world. They are important from economic perspective, important for the well-being of our nation and our people, but also important actors in fostering sustainable tourism development for Aruba.

In the case of Aruba, this means a balance between economic contribution, environmental protection and conservation, quality of life of our residents, and equality of visitors experience.

The pandemic has proved our resilience to test and as broad with its many learnings and opportunities, aside from hardships and challenges, we invite you to become a sustainable islands’ visitor.

And in order to do so, please visit aruba.com. And look for my promise to Aruba. I also wish to thank you for placing the confidence in Aruba, including our many loyal visiting friends.

We thank you for booking a trip to Aruba, and in the case of our loyal visiting friends, for deciding to come back to your home away from home in the midst of a pandemic. As we see in our native language, Papiamento “Masha Danki”, which means, thank you.

And to those who have not visited the island as yet, we look forward to being able to welcome you soon to our island of Aruba.

On behalf of Aruba Tourism Authority, we wish all of you a Happy World Tourism day.

Thank you.

Ronella Croes CEO

Aruba Tourism Authority

Aruba Tourist Channel