Mrs. Olinda De Cuba. Aruba’s taxi service on the safe side!

This is Mrs. Olinda De Cuba, and she is one of our local Taxi Drivers. Mrs. Olinda could be retired and enjoying herself, but she chooses to get back in the field and help in the recovery of our Dushi Aruba’s economy 🇦🇼💪🏻❤ Her Generation is THE REASON why #Aruba became known as the “One Happy Island”, and here she is…leading the charge, not waiting on any hand-outs and ready to #SmileNGrind 😎💪🏻
The crew at #printmediaaruba helped her out in designing a custom, 6mm #plexiglass shield, so she can have a little extra protection when serving our visitors. 🤩
Thank you for helping make our Island what it is, and showing us that true warriors always prevail !

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