ATA launches ‘The Aruba Effect’ – a new campaign for the North American and European market

With much pride, ATA announced a new marketing campaign, The Aruba Effect. It is about the treatment of a point of view that Aruba creates for the visitors. This sentiment remains even when they return home.

Based on extensive surveys, it can be deduced that one of the aspects that has a big impact on our visitors is an intangible part; the effect of the experiences on Aruba that are created. The combination of various aspects during a vacation creates an emotion of positivity and happiness that stays with the person even when returning to their respective countries.

This is not something new but is cautious to have the needed polls that cover more details, to establish a strategy and create a fresh and new promotion for Aruba. The last one, which was launching a new campaign, is something that Aruba does periodically to keep the international image of Aruba fresh and to have the desired impact. Naturally, the poll is something that ATA continuously does for a different purpose, for example, to measure excitement from campaigns.

As part of The Aruba Effect campaign, there are various types of videos, audio, and images that are utilized to attract visitors that ATA focuses on. In February and March, these were produced and at this moment are already visible in different strategic markets. Each element focuses on The Aruba Effect.

The campaign counts on the aspect of public relations, where a promotion was created that was inspired by the idea of Bring Your Luggage But Lose Your Baggage. This is a way to promote The Aruba Effect, which allows Aruba’s visitors to leave their heavy sentiments of concern behind, and it permits them to reduce or eliminate this through a vacation. This promotion entails that Aruba covers luggage costs for 500 visitors, who have to prove that they are traveling between April 25 to December 31, 2022. Participants who are taking part in the promotion and win will receive a Visa Gift Card to cover their baggage cost. The main objective of this PR stunt is the coverage that Aruba receives through various communication media, like television channels, articles in different media, and the social media aspect.

After only one day of the launch of the promotion, Aruba appeared in 438 articles, which is a piece of positive news. TravelPulse, Yahoo! Finance, and Deal Guru are the few media companies that released an article. The total quantity of hits after one day is (including press stories, television, and social influencers) 171,351,463. At this moment it is estimated that the PR value is $1,287,661, a return of investment of $8, for every $1 invested in the Bring Your Luggage, But Lose Your Baggage promotion. Looking at the short period that the promotion is currently running, the numbers will continue to grow.

The Aruba Effect highlights the integral strategy of being completely directed toward affluent visitors, which is in line with ATA’s management. Public Relations promotion, which is a part of the campaign, is an easy and simplistic way to bring attention and create buzz and impact one the right moment to put light on Aruba and its new campaign.
Simultaneously with the campaign, Visit Widget-My Aruba Planner was introduced, where visitors can create their ideal itineraries of Aruba, consisting of hotels, attractions, restaurants, activities, and any other plans that visitors have during their stay in Aruba. With a simple click, you can have contact with different places that adds to the itinerary, creating an easy and nice experience for the visitor. The visitor can share their itinerary with other traveling companions and friends also. At this moment, Aruba is the first Caribbean island that has a Visit Widget planner.

As a part of the launching, there was a meeting between ATA’s local employees, to present the final product and simultaneously launch in North America, and will launch in Europe soon.

After primarily focusing on the aspects of health and hygiene in the last two years with various campaigns and initiatives, ATA is happy to launch a new and different campaign again.

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