The history of Aruba Tourist Channel by Ishwar Daryanani.
Ishwar started in the media industry since 1981 when he was 13 years old as a digital graphic designer.
At the age of 17, he started his career in Xerox Corporation and color specialist for 4 years. He left Xerox Corporation to build his own media company. By the age of 24 he moved to the US to work and be a student for movie production and got a degree in visual effects. As well became part of his media career to code and develop websites.
In 2009, Ishwar and his family returned to Aruba to establish a TV studio called IshMedia Studios in order to develop a sports channel, a tourist channel and to continue developing websites using cutting edge technologies.
“As soon as I returned to Aruba to develop IshMedia Studios, I knew I was ahead of my time for the Aruban Market. I was broadcasting live on the internet already at that time, and Facebook was just text base and picture. IP-TV was not even a talk at that time either. So I knew the Tourist Channel I designed in 2009 was not ready for it’s time, so we continued with IshMedia Studios as a production house to create TV programs. “Hope Makeover” was born, and we began rebuilding houses in Aruba like the American TV show “Home Makeover.”
We also introduced mass mail marketing together with live broadcast and shopping cart.” – says Ishwar Daryanani
In 2018, Ishwar continued with his plan to develop the Aruba’s Tourist Channel dedicated to the tourist as a way to export Aruba’s Culture, History and Art on an international level.
The 27th of September 2018, Aruba Tourist Channel was officially launched as Aruba’s 1st and only TV channel dedicated to the Tourist Market.
“Aruba Tourist Channel was not ready for development in 2009. I had to wait  8 years in Aruba to finally reach the vision I had in 2009.
Aruba Tourist Channel is a showcase of IshMedia Studios in its full potential; Website Development, Live Broadcast, E-Commerce, Social Media Integration, Video production both live and pre-recorded videos, Photography, Marketing plans, Marketing Strategy and Media Plans.
I cover the scope of old and new media from old newspaper ads to neuromarketing.” – says Ishwar Darayanani
With our 2nd anniversary, we would like to give thanks to all of our social media followers, all our blogging followers and give thanks to Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes CEO of Aruba Tourism Authority and the entire team of A.T.A. to make Aruba Tourist Channel the most viewed Tourist Channel in Aruba with over 700.000 people reach monthly thats makes Aruba Tourist Channel the official Tourist Channel of Aruba.
Thank you Delo Gomez, GM of Digicel Aruba, Nadine van der Woude, Marketing Director of Digicel Aruba, Jorge Jimenez owner of Smart Car Rental and to Carlos owner of Best Print Aruba to make it possible to create Aruba’s official broadcasting Jeep.
Aruba Tourist Channel