Explore Aruba with Exclusive Insights: Subscribe to ‘The Advisor’ for Monthly or Yearly Access to Hotel and Activity Deals

ORANJESTAD – The Aruba Tourist Channel, a platform dedicated to tourists, offers a weekly newspaper called “The Advisor.” This newspaper is distributed across various hotels in Aruba and provides tourists with essential information on local activities, happy hours, specials, and important contact numbers like taxi services and emergency numbers. The creation of “The Advisor” was a significant part of the Aruba Tourist Channel’s 5th-anniversary celebration in September 2022. The channel, founded by Mr. Ishwar Daryanani in 2009 and launched as Aruba’s first TV channel dedicated to the tourist market in 2018, serves as a comprehensive guide showcasing Aruba’s culture, history, and art.

Now, there’s an added convenience for those interested in keeping up-to-date with Aruba’s attractions and activities. Subscribers can opt for a monthly subscription at $20 per month, or choose an annual subscription for $220. This subscription provides access to content that includes detailed information about all the hotels and island activities. Additionally, subscribers receive special offers from various local businesses, making it an invaluable resource for tourists seeking to explore Aruba and take advantage of local deals and experiences.

“The Advisor” can be accessed either by downloading it directly from the Aruba Tourist Channel’s website or by subscribing to their newsletter to receive the weekly newspaper in your email inbox. To subscribe, visitors need to provide their names and email addresses.

Apart from “The Advisor,” the Aruba Tourist Channel offers a range of services, including website development, live broadcast, e-commerce, social media integration, video production, photography, marketing plans, strategies, and media plans.

For more information or to subscribe to “The Advisor,” you can visit the Aruba Tourist Channel’s website at Aruba Tourist Channel, or contact them at +297-566-6192 or via email at info@arubatc.com.

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