A hidden VIP liquor room unveiled in Aruba!

Captain Jack VIP room in Palm Beach, Aruba!

First, welcome to this VIP room that we have, and this one actually was my hobby to collect alcohol liquor bottles all over the world.

I used to travel a lot before and over the period, I realized that I had a very good select selection of, you know, limited edition bottles.

And then the idea came to my mind to open up a liquor store in Aruba, which was a perfect location because in this location here, there is no liquor store available on the Strip.

That is how this whole thing started. And I went to a full-fledged, fledged liquor store and then wanted to create my collection separate from the store.

And originally, this was what I had kept here was not for sale, but people kept asking, asking, asking. At some point I had to keep it on sale. So now we have things going round and round. We sell, we buy, we sell, we buy.

Paul Bathia
Captain Jack Aruba

Aruba Tourist Channel