In February 2022, Aruba reached a recuperative area of 84% in juxtaposition with February 2019. Aruba received 77,961 stay-over visitors in February 2022

2021 and 2022 in juxtaposition with 2019

2022 in comparison with 2019

ATA informed that in February, our destination received a total of 77,961 stay-over visitors. In the juxtaposition of February 2022 and February 2019, which took place the last year with standard tourism, Aruba recovered 84% compared to what came by in February 2019.

The 3 markets that mostly highlighted the tourist numbers that visited in February 2022 in conjunction with the degree of recovery is the United States, with 63,114, which represents the degree of recovery of 92% in comparison with February 2019, The Netherlands with 4,395 visitors, which represents the degree of recovery of 117% in comparison with February 2019, and Colombia with 1,456 visitors, which represents the degree of recovery of 95% in comparison with February 2019.

2022 in comparison with 2021

2022 started with a powerful and more stable growth contrasted with 2021, although in January, you can see a decline in recovery with the last 8 months of 2021. However, the recovery in February is exceedingly positive.

Comparing February 2022 with February 2021, growth can be seen of 143.6% in the quantity of stay-over visitors, from 31,982 visitors to 77,961 visitors. 

Comparing February 2022 with February 2021, it can be seen once again that the 3 markets that grew the most in the quantity of stay-over visitors are the United States with a growth of 35,343 stay-over visitors represents a growth of 127.3%, The Netherlands with a growth of 3,205 stay-over visitors that represents a growth of 269.3%, and Colombia with a growth of 780 stay-over visitors which represents a growth of 115.4%.


North America stays as the most influential market of Aruba, and in February 2022 a total of 65,792 North American visitors came to Aruba. This is 84.4 % of the total stay-over visitors. In February 2022, Europe brought 6,269 visitors came to Aruba, which is 8% of the total stay-over visitors. Overall, 4,444 visitors, which represents 5.7% of the stay-over visitors from Latin America; and 1.9% of the total stay-over visitors for February 2022, which was 1,456 visitors, visited our island from other parts of the world.

The first quarter of 2022

In the first 2 months of 2022, Aruba received an overall of 137,754 stay-over visitors, which constitutes a degree of recovery of 73.5% compared to the same months of 2019. For March, the premise is that we may be receiving 92,855 stay-over visitors

Tourism credits/ Central Bank of Aruba

Per Central Bank, Tourism Credits (previously called Tourism Receipts) firstly, with the second and third quarters in 2021 contributed AWG 2,120.10 million in our economy, which is 48% more compared to the same season in 2020. This was contributed to the global pandemic, during which Aruba closed its borders temporarily between March and July 2020.

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