ATA receives students from EPI’s Hospitality and Tourism sector

As part of an initiative from EPI to help students learn and know about different types of jobs, ATA received 12 students from the Hospitality and Tourism sector. They received a presentation from various members of ATA’s marketing team to get a better look into what ATA does.

PR & Corporate Communications Specialist Marisol Sanchez Maldonado, gave the students a presentation about the role ATA has in our tourism and also how the organization is put together, and what ATA’s objectives are, focusing on not only the marketing area but also on the product area.

Communications Manager Sjeidy Dijkhof-Feliciano explained more about her PR job, what PR initiatives ATA utilizes, and also showed the students various initiatives that were utilized in the previous few years and what this means for Aruba.

ACB Conferences & Events Manager Jerusha Rasmijn explained to the students what she does at ATA; the diverse groups that Aruba receives and focuses on, and what the added value the group brings to our tourism.

Branding Specialist Marylin Feliciana explained to the students what she does daily, as well as what branding exactly is, what are the elements of ATA’s branding, and finished with a video presentation on how to create content for marketing campaigns, maintaining the rules of branding.

Digital Content Specialist Jennifer Richardson explained to the students what type of content she uses on the website aruba.com, along with the blog. Jennifer also elaborated on the importance of using specific wording to be recognized when being searched on Google and Bing.

Digital Specialist Rayon Koolman showed the students a few examples of what he does daily and elaborated on what type of content he works with on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In the end, it was elaborated on how the elements of branding are being utilized to maintain consistency in the contents being distributed.

At the end of the presentation, two of EPI’s interns employed at ATA, Erika Hincapie and Luisa Arcila, asked the students various questions based on what they’ve learned at ATA. The top 5 answers were given a prize, and all participants received promotional items from ATA.

For ATA, it is extremely important to have these types of meetings to inform students about what ATA does, and also to connect and inspire future generations of tourism in Aruba.

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